Novice EHR Development is now unethical

The original Hipoocratic Oath states: I will not use the knife, not even on sufferers from stone, but will withdraw in favor of such men as are engaged in this work. One modern version reads: I will not be ashamed to say … Continued

Direct should be in NPPES

For those wondering, the Direct Project is a secure email protocol based on SMTP/S-MIME for doctor-doctor and doctor-patient secure communication. It is all-but-required in Meaningful Use version 2 and it is intended to replace the fax machine for the transfer … Continued

Expert Healthcare Hackers

(This is a preview of a talk that I am going to give next week at Healthcare::Refactored, with Karen Herzog) There are two definitions of the word “Hacker”. One is an original and authentic term that the geekdom uses with respect. This … Continued

How to change the world over the weekend

I love hackathons. I love winning them. I love competing in them. I love winning them.  I love judging them. I also love not losing them. This weekend, I am acting as a mentor to the first Health 2.0 hackathon … Continued

Two important dates

There are two events coming up soon that you do not want to miss. The first is not this weekend but next: The Houston Health 2.0 codeathon is happening (March 23-24 at Platform in Rice Village) The second is Health::Refactored … Continued

DocGraph has funded!

Our crowdfunding  attempt to make doctor data freely available to everyone has succeed. 88 people contributed more than $23,000! We are temporarily reopening the effort, if you would still like to get the data at the bargain basement price. Thanks … Continued

Walking Gallery seeks crowdfunding

I just wanted my readers to know (I do have readers… don’t I ) that Regina Holiday is hosting a crowdfunding event on medstartr It is the cheapest way I know of to get a copy of an original from … Continued

ePatient HIMSS 2012 Badge

Hi, I am happy to announce with psuedo-permission from the Society for Participatory Medicine (by which I mean that they have not asked me not to do this) a Twitter badge for HIMSS 2012. There are a handful of the … Continued

Running Motivation: shoe hacking failure

This is not intended to be a “running blog”, but it is intended to be a blog about how I am trying to hack my own running motivation. I am a pretty big guy (almost 300 at times) and while … Continued

The e-patient reach

As many of my readers know, I am now regularly blogging on radar. There, I have written a post called epatients: the hackers of the healthcare world. It is pretty much a tour of how anyone who is already in … Continued