Libel and Discourse in the Digital Age

Libel, like copyright, is one of the central legal frameworks for governing online activities. It sets the bounds for what can and cannot be said about people in the new media area. ┬áLike copyright law, libel law is a legal … Continued

Hacking on the Pubmed API

The pubmed API is pretty convoluted. Every time I try to use it, I have to try and relearn it from scratch. Generally, I want to get JSON data about an article, using its PubMED ID and I want to … Continued

Healthcare IT reading list

My Programmable Self Behavior Change Reading list has been one of my most popular posts. I still think any Health IT expert should be well-versed in behavior change science, since so many healthcare issues boil down to behavior change problems… … Continued

EHR Vulnerability Reporting issues

For those who actually bother to read to the bottom of my bio, I was actually in Internet Security before going into Health IT. I spoke at DefCon and everything. During my career in Health IT I have had to … Continued

How to submit prior art on the Medicity Direct Patent

Recently Medicity has tried to patent the concept of a HISP. Please join me in submitting prior art to prevent this undermining of everything that the Direct Project stands for. Groklaw shows the way Here is a specific page that … Continued

Interviewed on wonkblog

I did an interview with Ezra Klein about that is now up on the washington post wonkblog. There are some interesting comments there that I will probably respond to eventually… -FT

DocGraph Journal releasing new data sets

If you are near Boston, you should consider trying to make it out to Strata RX. If you live anywhere on the West Coast, its not too late to sign up for Health 2.0 The DocGraph Journal will again be … Continued

Doctors vs Data

I just wrote a post for the Strata Big Data blog about Doctors vs Data. You can always read all of my posts there by visiting my strata author page. -FT