How to change the world over the weekend

I love hackathons. I love winning them. I love competing in them. I love winning them.  I love judging them. I also love not losing them. This weekend, I am acting as a mentor to the first Health 2.0 hackathon … Continued

Where I blog

Just so my RSS feed readers know, I will now be blogging at Programmable Self and at O’Reilly Radar. I hope this helps everyone to keep track of what is going on. -FT

Radar Interview

Hi, I have an interview up at O’Reilly Radar, talking about programmable self. I am also quoted in a Forbes article about Google Health.  Busy week. -FT

Making QR code stencils

I have been on a quest to be a able to spray-paint QR codes, in mass production.  I recently demoed my QR code stencil work at Maker Faire. The secret, in short, is chicken wire and caulk. I tried the … Continued

Announcing Open Glaze

Hi, I am here at the first ever Quantified Self Conference and I am announcing a new Open Source Game Layer project called Open Glaze. Here are the basics of my Game Layer philosophy that are influencing my work on … Continued

Programmable Self Reading List

Hi, I am preparing for my talk at Quantified Self about my work on Programmable Self. I was asked to make a “reading list” for the people who were interested in this subject so I wanted to create that here. … Continued

Health Foo Camp

I am happy to announce that I have been invited to the first ever Health Foo Camp. There is not even a web-page for this yet, but it has been previously announced on the RWJF blog FOO stands for Friends … Continued

QR code stencils, the problem

I love QR codes. I think the notion of simple graphical URLs is beautiful and elegant. If my wife were a graphical data object, I think she would be a 2D QR code. Think of it, you can put links … Continued

Thinking about commitment contracts

Commitment contracts are a way of limiting and shaping your own behavior. If you know that your “future self” (a useful Behavioral Economics concept) is going to be weak willed, you can make a commitment that limits your future behavior … Continued