Health Foo Camp

I am happy to announce that I have been invited to the first ever Health Foo Camp. There is not even a web-page for this yet, but it has been previously announced on the RWJF blog FOO stands for Friends … Continued

Health of the Source at OSCON

Hi, OSCON has just published my health of the source talk from OSCON 2010! My slides got a little mixed up, so my delivery is a little scattered, but I hit all of the points I wanted to, just in … Continued

Speaking at OSCON

Hi, I am honored to announce that I will be speaking at OSCON 2010 on the healthcare track. This talk is my “Health of the Source” talk. My intention in this talk is to cover both the “spirit” of Open … Continued

OSCON includes Healthcare

Update: I am speaking at the 2010 OSCON. I am happy to spread the news that OSCON, probably the most important Open Source conference in the country, will have a healthcare track in 2010. Andy Oram has explained the decision … Continued