Direct should be in NPPES

For those wondering, the Direct Project is a secure email protocol based on SMTP/S-MIME for doctor-doctor and doctor-patient secure communication. It is all-but-required in Meaningful Use version 2 and it is intended to replace the fax machine for the transfer … Continued

DocGraph has funded!

Our crowdfunding  attempt to make doctor data freely available to everyone has succeed. 88 people contributed more than $23,000! We are temporarily reopening the effort, if you would still like to get the data at the bargain basement price. Thanks … Continued

Hacking data: showing patterns in kids health

Here is my submission for the Local Children’s Data Health 2.0 developer challenge. The challenge was to make data available through come alive. Generally, the red circles correspond to the percentage of child allergy suffers who had -seen- a … Continued

NPI data, the doctors social network

(Update Feb 18 2011: has moved to, I have adjusted links accordingly)  I have been working, part time, on a project for nearly two years to dramatically improve the quality and depth of information that is available on … Continued

Announcing NPIdentify

A while ago I was contacted by the folks at Health IT Transition (Now defunct.) regarding some NPI development. We decided to collaborate. They turned me on to the intricacies of the NPI database, and I have been doing skunkworks … Continued