QR code stencils, the problem

I love QR codes. I think the notion of simple graphical URLs is beautiful and elegant. If my wife were a graphical data object, I think she would be a 2D QR code. Think of it, you can put links … Continued

How to add a new place to Facebook places

Soon, I will be making an announcement about some work that I have been doing with the Facebook places API. For now, I want to give a little tutorial on how to create a new place, in Facebook places, using … Continued

Away from iphone and towards a better platform analogy

As many of you know, the CHIP/Indivo/Harvard guys (who I guess I should call the ITdotHealth guys) wrote an article in the NEJM saying that we needed something like the Iphone app store in Healthcare IT. I wrote a rebuttal saying … Continued