Using HTML5 as the basis for HL7 CDA v3

Keith Boone, well known and liked Health IT standards geek has written up a proposal that would make the next release of HL7 CDA based on HTML5 rather than XHTML. I have just become more deeply familiar with this set … Continued

Sharks, Bees and Privacy

Hi, I am happy to announce that my new article on healthcare privacy and interoperability has been accepted in the Journal of Participatory Medicine. I am not against privacy in healthcare, but I am against the notion that privacy concerns … Continued

Google Health: influential, controversial and gone.

Google Health is no more. Thats a shame, because I am writing a book on Health IT for O’Reilly and before this announcement, my rough draft featured Google Health extensively. I guess this is better, though, than having Google Health … Continued

EHR can make the paper problem worse

Once a persons record has gone electronic, it really should never go back. A paper printout of an Electronic Health Record is often huge and unwieldy. If it is printed out or faxed it creates something so huge that it … Continued

Direct gathers steam

Recently, the AAFP and Surescripts announced Physicians Direct, a secure messaging service for providers. ┬áBut neither the article nor the signup page for Physicians Direct detail the most critical single issue regarding the service. This is a very large deployment … Continued

Kaiser Ontology Interview

To the novice, the term “interoperability” means that two systems can talk. To the expert, it means that they can understand each other. To much of our current data interchange is “meaning poor”. To get past that problem, we need … Continued

Health Internet

For whatever reason people simply do not get what the NHIN is and what its implications are. This feels like a repeat of what happened to me more than a year ago. The NHIN (which has been rebranded the “Nationwide … Continued

MOSS crosses the threshold

MOSS has successfully tested the IHE profiles, all available under Open Source licenses. I know for a fact that the MOSS team has been working on this for years. Completing these tests, and making sure they actually work at a … Continued