Sharks, Bees and Privacy

Hi, I am happy to announce that my new article on healthcare privacy and interoperability has been accepted in the Journal of Participatory Medicine. I am not against privacy in healthcare, but I am against the notion that privacy concerns … Continued

Google Health: influential, controversial and gone.

Google Health is no more. Thats a shame, because I am writing a book on Health IT for O’Reilly and before this announcement, my rough draft featured Google Health extensively. I guess this is better, though, than having Google Health … Continued

Patient Centered Health Internet

I have recently been approached by several policy people who are interested in ensuring that the consumer/patient is at the center of the coming Health Internet. Through my work at the Cautious Patient Foundation, I have become pretty obsessed about … Continued

Health Internet

For whatever reason people simply do not get what the NHIN is and what its implications are. This feels like a repeat of what happened to me more than a year ago. The NHIN (which has been rebranded the “Nationwide … Continued


Here are two awesome videos from the NHIN team at OSCON!! Arien Malec for NHIN Direct!! Note the shout out at the beginning David Riley from NHIN CONNECT

The Power of Push

Hi, The NHIN Direct network has been criticized for lacking relevance for health information exchange. Specifically, Latanya Sweeney has submitted testimony to congress which has nothing good to say about either NHIN project. The paragraph I want to highlight says: … Continued

The wrong conversation, missing CONNECT

Today I heard a session today at the National IT Forum at Harvard¬†entitled “Business-Government Interactions to Support a Platform”. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland. Behind me sat two of the top leaders of the Open Source CONNECT¬†project. … Continued

Podcast with Sun on NHIN CONNECT

Here is a Podcast with Bill Vass and Katherine Evans from Sun. They are discussing the new NHIN CONNECT Gateway project As a plug I should note that Bill Vass is going to be a keynote at FOSS Health. Bill … Continued

HIMSS09 day 2: Interview with Vish Sankaran

Today I meet with Vish Sankaran, whose official title is ‘Program Director Federal Health Architecture’ from what I can tell, that post is just as important as it sounds. Vish was, along with representatives of several major federal agencies, presenting … Continued