Radar Interview

Hi, I have an interview up at O’Reilly Radar, talking about programmable self. I am also quoted in a Forbes article about Google Health.¬†¬†Busy week. -FT

Google Health: influential, controversial and gone.

Google Health is no more. Thats a shame, because I am writing a book on Health IT for O’Reilly and before this announcement, my rough draft featured Google Health extensively. I guess this is better, though, than having Google Health … Continued

Google Health is dead, HealthVault Indivo win

Recently, Google announce that the Google Health PHR will be retiring. I posted the announcement to the Society for Participatory Medicine mailing list, and there has been alot of discussion about this, there. There are several issues that lots of … Continued

Save Google Wave for Health IT

As most of you know Google has pulled the plug on the Google Wave project. Hemant Shah has made the great case for the use of Google Wave in Healthcare IT. He is right. Google committed to releasing the code … Continued

Claims data in PHRs

Today the Boston Globe has published an article about Dave deBronkart’s problem with claim data in his Google Health PHR. I think it is awesome that the main stream press is picking up on the problem of using billing data … Continued

Google Flu Trends and Privacy

Google.org, which is the philanthropic arm of Google, has released Google Flu Trends to great fanfare and criticism. Google Flu tracks searches for flu symptoms on Googles search service. So if I type “achy headache” into Google, it might count … Continued

The coming problem with the ASP-lock

Here is an interesting post about a person who was locked out of their google account. Apparently, this person lost access to: Google Docs Gmail Family photos in Picasa If you read the updated post, you will find that he … Continued

In all Fairness

Its time to set the record straight on what are valid criticisms of HealthVault and Google Health and what are not. If you have ever read my posts, then you can be sure that when an organization needs criticizing I … Continued