Meeting Patient Safety

Today, I met with a tremendous number of patient safety advocates at IHI. My work with Cautious Patient Foundation centers around patient safety. But I have, up until now, not met very many Patient Safety advocates in person. That all … Continued

Health of the Source at OSCON

Hi, OSCON has just published my health of the source talk from OSCON 2010! My slides got a little mixed up, so my delivery is a little scattered, but I hit all of the points I wanted to, just in … Continued

Halamka on Open Source Healthcare

John Halamka is a pretty important blogger and policy maker. He is a fan of Open Source and has been positive about it for years. He even let me write a guest post on his blog about it. John Williams … Continued

Open Source at HIMSS 2010

Hey, I wanted to create a post for those interested in Open Source at HIMSS. I am out of the country, (Finland is so much warmer today at 0 deg Celsius) , so I cannot make it. So far I … Continued

Open Source Health Software Conference

So I have two small news items. First, I am renaming the yearly Houston Open Source Conference from fosshealth to OSHealthCon, which just stands for Open Source Health Software Conference. Why the name change? Well, it is caused by the … Continued