NHIN Security and Privacy, who is responsible?

I do not know the answer to this question but I am trying to figure it out.

I an active member of the Security and Trust Workgroup of the NHIN Direct project. We are making a few decisions there regarding “rubber meets the road” security infrastructure decisions. But we are very intentionally trying to “bubble up” security and privacy policy decisions to other policy making organizations. But I have to admit, I am not sure who those people are.

In one sense, every healthcare provider in the US will have to make security and privacy policy decisions on their own. There are already some good laws regarding health information and one might argue that given those laws, specific policy details should be left up to providers.

Of course, HHS has an ARRA created group called the HITPC or (Health Information Technology Policy Committee) that will apparently be playing a central role in general NHIN policy making. Further there is a sub-committee there called the Privacy & Security Policy Workgroup. Apparently, if there was a single group who my group would “bubble up” issues to… this would be it. Their charter is:

The Privacy & Security Policy Workgroup will address Privacy and Security in the health IT policy context. At a very high level, the new Privacy & Security Policy Workgroup will define and address the policy challenges related to privacy and security; discuss a set of principles around privacy and security; and various methods of ensuring privacy and security.

The term “very high level” is somewhat problematic from my perspective because the kinds of questions I would like to see answered are pretty specific like “What should NHIN Direct users take into consideration as they choose a provider of X.509 certificates?” That does not sound like to me to be “very high level”.

However, there are some people in this group who have technical know-how. At least some of them should be able to speak the language that I am trying to use. Some of them I know personally. Others I have never heard of. I decided that I would share with you what little information I was able to glean about this small group…

This is exactly the type of group that should be overlooking high-level security and privacy issues. They have lots of different perspectives and lots of different skills, but they all have a very relevant role to play in the future of healthcare information privacy in the United States. But I do not think this is the group to answer the question: “What should NHIN Direct users take into consideration as they choose a provider of X.509 certificates?”

I am happy that at least some of the members of this group would at least know what I am talking about.

I hope this linked list of names is more helpful to you then the list at HHS, which does not really tell you much.


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