Health of the Source

Free and Open Source Values

  • Openness – exclusion for the sake of itself is not welcome, comments are welcome from all corners.

  • Meritocracy – As a community, we are biased towards the excellent and the useful. we reward these with status, respect and clout

  • Transparency – Everyone needs to make a dime. It needs to be clear how, and where so that we can avoid money poison.

  • Collaboration – Where possible, we work together. When working together does not work, we share ideas. If we can we try to avoid duplication of effort

  • Freedom – We try to get by with as little formal control as possible. The Licenses help to put the little guy and the big corporations on similar footing. Community shaming is preferred over other types of control.

4 thoughts on “Health of the Source”

  1. Consensus. I usually use that word instead of collaboration. Decisions are made by consensus in an open source world. You start from where you agree and work outward, rather than starting from where you disagree and working inward.

  2. I agree decisions by consensus, but progress by collaboration, coordination and constructive competition.

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