Health of the Source


One of the dangers of giving a talk over and over… is that you bore your audience. I always cover who’s who, what projects are hot and why, and whats news. However I want to be sure that I begin to cover some basic themes.

  • Communities are made of people not companies, but Communities without companies are immature, profit is a form of insurance.

  • We are becoming mainstream.

  • Project not moving will be left behind by those who are.

  • Free means Freedom not costless.

4 thoughts on “Health of the Source”

  1. Consensus. I usually use that word instead of collaboration. Decisions are made by consensus in an open source world. You start from where you agree and work outward, rather than starting from where you disagree and working inward.

  2. I agree decisions by consensus, but progress by collaboration, coordination and constructive competition.

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